1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxChawosaurian Fundamentalism is an idea, created by Chawosaurian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt, on the ideas of Antitheism, Radical Atheism and Fascism, including more, the idea of Chawosaurian Fundamentalism is basically based on the Narcissist Ideas and leadership of Timothy Max Roosevelt.

Chawosaurian Fundamentalism is still being practiced among Chawosaurian Civilians and Government, they still follow his teachings and they still restore his laws, according to Timothy's views on religion, sexuality, race, ethnicity, gender and others, they're all Narcissistically Hateful.

Chawosaurian Fundamentalism is basically Chawallian Nazism or whatever, the Chawosaurians still have fundamentalist views on Christianity and more, Chawosaurians are strictly following Chawosaurian Fundamentalism, and still being taught in Chawosaurian Public Schools and more, Chawosauria still has Narcissist views against Libertarians, Liberals, Conservatives and Socialists and Communists and holds favorable views on Fascism and negative views on Nazism.

An 80% of Chawosaurian Civilians still hold favorable views on Timothy Max Roosevelt, and none of them were even bad, while a 10% of Civilians hold unfavorable views on Timothy, but a 98% of Chawosaurian Civilians hold unfavorable views on the Chawosaurian Fundamentalist Government and Military.

Chawosaurian Liberators, Abooksigun Eluwilussit, Adsila Ahyoka, Degotoga Atagulkalu, Sequoyah Bisahalani, Jonathan Roosevelt, Johnathan Saint Montgomery VII and Shannon Diana Roosevelt and Shannon Lincoln all are opposed to the idea of Chawosaurian Fundamentalism.

  1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxChawosaurian Fundamentalism had been the biggest and most followed idea of Chawosaurian Civilians, the idea prefers Discrimination, Chawosaurian Fundamentalism is basically Atheist Fundamentalism, however, Atheist Fundamentalism is very common in Chawosauria, but not Christian Fundamentalism.

The Chawosaurians have been believing that there should be no such thing, as Theistic Ideas, that idea came from Timothy, with the biggest Opposition to other ideas, Chawosauria have been against the time of new ideas.

Chawosauria demands and seeks to move forward to a time of no faith, however, Chawosauria opposes the idea of civilization and they oppose the idea of Creationism, for example, they oppose the idea of Adam and Eve, Chawosauria wants an Antitheist Society, which always leads to discrimination against Religious Minorities.

Chawosaurian Civilians are strictly Atheists and do not believe in Humanism, Agnosticism, or other Secular Idea, Irreligion is considered uncommon and so as Religion.

Chawosauria had been a Fundamentalist society, but not associated with religion because it is widely rejected for many years.

History Edit

Chawosauria adopted Fundamentalism of their own in 1932, as Chawosaurian Progressivism dissolves, the Chawosaurian Imperialism, or Chawosaurian Fascism, or Chawofascism rises, Chawofascist Variants rose in division in the Chawosaurian Revolution and the Chawallian Nazi Party rose to effect in 2015, but dissolved in 2015, Chawosaurian Libertarians are trying to take effect.

Philosophy Edit

Chawosaurian Fundamentalism or "Chawosaurian Nazism" or "Chawofascism" is the idea of Fascism and Big totalitarian Governments to pressure minorities and thereby refusing to accept all minorities as people and refused to accept the gift of life and unanimously everybody knows that life is not a given right, every Chawosaurian Civilian is often terrified by this philosophy but embraces it because of their denial of Equal Rights for minorities, Chawosauria is not in favor of any Equal Rights because it ruins their Chawosaurian Pride, which leads to prejudice and ignorance, Discrimination is unanimously encouraged by Chawosaurian Society and Culture and the Chawosaurian Government has no interest in handing over Equal Rights.

List of Chawosaurian Fascists, or Chawofascists Edit

  1. Timothy Max Roosevelt- Creator of Chawofascism
  2. Timothy Max Roosevelt ii- Timothy Max Roosevelt's Son
  3. Joseph Lopez- Centrist Fascist (Islamofascist)
  4. Jennifer Roosevelt- Timothy Max Roosevelt's Daughter
  5. Antonio Kingston- Successor of Timothy Max Roosevelt

List of Antifascists Edit

  1. Abooksigun Eluwilussit- King-Emperor of the Continent Union
  2. Degotoga Atagulkalu- Candidate for the nomination of Abooksigun Eluwilussit's succession
  3. Johnathan Saint Montgomery- Last Monarch, first modern monarch
  4. Johnathan Saint Montgomery iii- Timothy Max Roosevelt's Stepfather
  5. Johnathan Saint Montgomery iiii- Timothy Max Roosevelt's Brother
  6. Sharron Lincoln- Timothy Max Roosevelt's Sister
  7. Adsila Ahyoka- Abooksigun Eluwilussit's wife, Degotoga Atagulkalu's twin sister.
  8. Charlotte Alexander- Timothy Max Roosevelt ii's wife

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