1895 (UK) Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom 1975
1898-99 Federal Election
December 31, 1898 - January 31, 1899
Turnout 21%
Nominee Johnathan Albert Bowes-Lyons Santiago Alexandria Timothy McDonald
Party Liberal (UK) Conservative (UK)
Electoral vote 535 531
Popular vote 1,454,343 1,234,665
Percentage 54.1% 45.9%
1899 Chawosaurian Federal Election
Results of the 1899 election - Liberal Gain
Elected Supreme Leader
Johnathan Alexandria
Liberal (UK)
The Chawosaurian Federal Election of 1898 to 1899 was the first Election in Chawosaurian History.

Jonathan Santiago was elected in an average margin, this election could'if been a landslide if the Northern Territories were won by Santiago, but failed to win because of Santiago's Hispanic father, it was the first election and the only election ran by Delegates rather than the Popular Vote, the first election an election was ruled by the Popular Vote was 1975, thanks in part because of this drop of popularity, the Liberal Party (UK) started losing Chawosaurian Elections, often losing them by huge margins, and the Conservative Party (UK) could'if been the most dominate party in Chawosauria until the rise of the Chawosaurian Communists.

Living under the Liberal-Conservative Party establishment, Chawosaurians were living under a mandatory two-party system, making them choose between the Liberals and Conservatives. The Liberals were likely to be chosen over the Conservatives.

Background Edit

After the loss in the First Brutal War, the British reigned Chawosauria and allowed them to have a popular vote-based election on a Supreme Leader who will govern them through Christianization. The Chawosaurians of the British Establishment nominated two nominees, Johnathan Alexandria, and Timothy McDonald.

Campaign Edit

Results Edit

Results of the 1898-1899 federal election
Nominee Delegates Popular Vote
Votes %
Johnathan Albert Bowes-Lyons Alexandria 535 1,454,343 54.1%
Nicholas Timothy McDonald 531 1,234,665 45.9%
Total Votes 1,066 2,689,008 100%
Liberal Gain from Nonpartisan

Santiago won the delegates and the popular vote, winning North America, China, and some places in Asia and Africa. While McDonald won most of Asia, Europe, some places in Africa, and Australia (nationwide).

The voter turnout was small, and the Liberals and the Conservatives from the United Kingdom had won their seats, it was a hung parliament in the Chawopolis Palace.

The election was during the Imperial Era, with Europe and Asia, and also the United States, attempting to take each other over.