The Chawosaurian Federal Election or a Monarchical Election is a Direct Election that Chawosaurian Politicians and Laws, including even a Monarch, are elected in a directly democratic manner. A Federal Election is monarch-centered that a Federal Election is held only when a Monarch is prepared to retire or due to intense health or death, or any state emergency, and it is time to elect a new monarch. The only time a Federal Election was held due to the death of a monarch was the 2015 Federal Election.

The most recent realigning election was the 1975 Federal Election, an election that broke up the UK Liberal-Conservative political party system into a Communist Party dominant party system that has existed and dominated Chawosauria since 1976. Since 1975, Liberal and Conservative victories are extremely rare, the most recent realigning election ever suffered by a Conservative was the 2007 Comrade Election, showing how truly effective and powerful the 1975 Federal Election is increasingly becoming.

In the 2015 Federal Election, a Libertarian got crushed by a Socialist. Libertarian victories are rarer than Conservative victories, and Liberal victories, it's also rare in the United States, and also most countries in the Human world.