The Chawosaurian European Parliament (CEP) is a Chawosaurian Branch of Government established on December 28, 2016, by Emperor Abooksigun Eluwilussit, in retaliation to the 2016 Brexit Referendum in the UK.

The first leader of the Parliament, Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck II, used the Parliament against Chawosauria in the Great Patriotic War to create the Bismarckian Empire and used the Parliament as a legislature of the Bismarckian Empire, and with the Parliament still under Chawosaurian control, Chawosauria was able to defeat the Bismarckians.

When the United Kingdom successfully withdrew from the European Union, the powers of the Chawosaurian European Parliament began to weaken, and critics of this parliament call their goals and power "an illusion of power" because the main goal of the Chawosaurian European Parliament was to promote and support the European Union and European Integration.

Critics of the Parliament was that the European Aristocratic Families of Chawosauria only support this because this institution does benefit the European Aristocrats like the Bismarck Family, which one of the biggest flaws of the Chawosaurian European Parliament is that the institution does favor the European Aristocrats.

The Chawosaurian European Parliament gives the Chawosaurian Government the power and access to levy taxes on Chawosaurian European Aristocrats, and subsidize the Chawosaurian European civilians with the taxes paid by Chawosaurian European Aristocrats.