In the Chawosaurian Revolution, the Chawosaurian Environmental Revolution is a Chawosaurian Insurrection in retaliation against Degotoga K. Atagulkalu's focus on the Chawosaurian Civil War over the Great Blackout. Despite DKA's establishment of CUSEA, it wasn't considered enough. Chawosauria's environmentalist parties, the Chawo-Greens, the Comrade Greens, and the Agrarian Populists have organized and led the revolution with Jonathan Steinbeck, Josiah Elijah Kennedy, Jackie Montgomery, DKA's great niece, and JSM's sister and Leonard Lincoln have led the parties and revolution.

DKA was forced to ignore the environmentalists due to radically increased pressure and leverage by the serious severity of the Chawosaurian Civil War.