In Chawosauria, the Elections of 2017 were a series of coattail elections taking place from in the middle of to the end of Nordic Capitalist Emperor, Degotoga Kanuna Atagulkalu's first year as Supreme Leader, and it resulted in significant victories for the Capitalists. 

The Capitalists retained control over the Monarchy and the Comrade Presidency, and in the December 2017 Legislative Elections, the Capitalists, for the first time in 71 years, won their first majority status in the Chawopolis Palace, the first Capitalist victory in that palace since 1939 (78 years).  

For the first time since World War II, the Capitalists have a trifecta in the whole Chawosaurian government, winning the Monarchy, the National Legislature, the Comrade Presidency, and, despite no election, having the Chawosaurian European Parliament. Within a year after this election, the Capitalists drastically lost their trifecta status by losing the Chawosaurian European Parliament in 2018 to the Communist Party.  

Analysis Edit

2017 elections in Chawosauria were won by the Capitalists for DKA's progressive messaging, popularity, and likeability, enabling him to forge the DKA Coalition.

Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII won two snap presidential elections by heavily wide margins, winning both the April 2017 election with 95.2% of the electoral vote and 68% of the popular vote, and in November 2017 election with 93.5% of the electoral vote and 52% of the popular vote.

DKA in also two election himself, won twice, but unlike Montgomery, DKA won by even close margins in the popular vote, DKA won 50.0% in April 2017, and then 50.1% of the popular vote in December 2017.

Supreme Leader Edit

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu won the April 2017 with 50.0% to Timothy Max Roosevelt II won 50.0% of the popular vote, a tie, and in December 2017, DKA won by a bigger margin of 50.1% and Timothy II won 49.9% of the popular vote, by a smaller margin.

Chawopolis Palace Edit

DKA's electoral victory triggered a coattail effect with the Chawopolis Palace, DKA's Capitalist Parties won the first legislative victory since 1939, winning 817 seats, to the Communists' 183 seats. The Capitalists lost a seat in the spring to summer of 2018, giving the Capitalists an 816-184 margin.

Comrade Presidency Edit

In April 2017, Johnathan Montgomery won his usual electoral landslide victory, winning 512 electoral votes, and 68% of the popular vote, Montgomery's 2007 electoral margin decreased significantly.

In December 2017, Montgomery remained his power in winning 52% of the popular vote, and winning 503 electoral votes, modestly decreasing Montgomery's April 2017 margin.

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