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2018 Chawosaurian Gubernatorial Special Election in Asia
December 31, 2018
Turnout 60%
Nominee Genghis Taizong Osman Sultan
Party Communist Social Democrat
Home state Kazakhstan Turkey
Electoral vote 531 317
States carried 48 0
Popular vote 531,415,816 317,583,418
Percentage TBD TBD
2018 Asian gubernatorial special election in Chawosauria
Map of the 2018 Asian elections
Chancellor before election
Genghis Taizong
Mongolian People's Party
The Chawosaurian Continental Chancellery Special Election in Asia was held on December 31, 2018. Genghis K.Q. Taizong joined the Communist Party and won the election to become Chancellor of Chawo-Asia. Winning all 48 nations. Genghis Taizong became a Communist in condemnation against DKA and he successfully capitalized on it, making him a popular governor. After DKA's death in 2019, he returned to his original party.