2009 Chawallian Flag 2019
Chawosaurian Legislative Special Election in California
1,000 seats total (500 seats needed for a majority)
May 1, 2018
Turnout 70%
Majority party Minority party
Leader Jonathan Draco Wolfowitz Chester Edwin Darwin
Party Communist Party USA California National Party
Leader since January 3, 2018 January 3, 2018
Leader's seat Los Angeles Sacramento
Seats before 183 817
Seats after 184 816
Popular vote 70,843,469 20,853,469
Percentage 77.3% 22.7%
Chawosaurian Legislative special election in California of 2018
Red: Wolfowitz. Green: Darwin.
Comrade Senator before election
Fitzgerald Stanford (Acting)
Elected Comrade Senator
Jonathan Draco Wolfowitz
In Chawosaurian Politics, the Chawosaurian Comrade State Senate Special Election in 2018, is a special election after the sudden death of Senator, Tiffany Parker, who held the seat from January 1, 1940, to her death on March 5, 2018.

The Chawosaurian Premier of California, Jason Olsen (D-CA) appointed Fitzgerald Stanford to lead the state's Comrade Senate until December 31, 2018. Premier, Olsen signed an approval to hold a special election.

In the election, Jonathan Draco Wolfowitz won the election in a landslide, winning 56 counties with Darwin winning only 2 counties. An upset victory, this election indicates an incoming Communist wave in the 2019 Federal Election.

Oregon, Washington, and Nevada are part of the Comrade District of California, but Oregon and Washington were not allowed to vote, and Nevada was allowed to vote, but their votes were not counted nor they were represented. California abuses their Comrade Colonies and oppresses their political freedom and rights.

Wolfowitz won the election because the voters, even those who voted for DKA, despise DKA for his handling of the Civil War, and the Great Blackout.

Darwin conceded the race to Wolfowitz from LA and declared him the winner of this election early in the day after the election.

This election is compared to the U.S. Senate special elections of Massachusetts in 2010 under President Barack Obama, and Alabama in 2017 under President Donald Trump in the United States and in Canada, Ontario in 2018 under Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In the Chawopolis Palace, this election result reduces the Capitalist supermajority from 817, to 816, and increases the Communist superminority from 183 to 184.

Background Edit

On March 5, 2018, Comrade Senator, Tiffany Lisa Parker passed away at the age of 128, and a special election is needed to fill the vacancy of Parker.

Candidates Edit

Communist Ticket Edit

Jonathan Draco Wolfowitz
Communist Ticket
USSR Emblem
Nominated: April 1, 2018
Party: Communist Party USA

Wolfowitz ran a Communist campaign as well as a very Anti-DKA campaign against the Emperor himself. Wolfowitz linked DKA to massive Aristocracy in his family and the dynasty he serves under.

Wolfowitz repeatedly attacked the Emperor's aristocratic lifestyle and accused the emperor of inbreeding with his step-children to keep the royal bloodline alive. Despite the rumors were not true and DKA held strong beliefs against Incest and Inbreeding, DKA never fought back and it obviously hurt him politically in California.

California National Party Ticket Edit

Chester Edwin Darwin
California National Party Ticket
CNP logo
Nominated: April 3, 2018
Party: California National Party

Darwin ran a Pro-California Independence movement, and although he criticized DKA for being an Aristocratic Ruler being out of touch with the Chawosaurian Workers, he praised the Emperor's Arsenals of Socialism initiatives. Darwin ran a pro-Environmentalist campaign, a pro-Progressive campaign, a pro-Social Democracy, and a pro-Republicanist campaign.

Campaign Edit

As the campaign progresses, Wolfowitz and Darwin both ran against DKA, DKA didn't endorse a candidate as a result of this, as Darwin campaigned on a Social Democratic platform, thus running a pro-Capitalist campaign, this causes Darwin to be linked to DKA. Wolfowitz criticized DKA for his handling of the Civil War, the Great Blackout, and the 2017-present Corporate scandals.

Results Edit

California Comrade Election 2018 Popular Vote

Dark Red: 80-90% Communist. Light Red: 70-80% Communist. Dark Pink: 60-70% Communist. Pink: 50-60% Communist. Light Pink: 40-50% Communist. Dark Green: 80-90% California National Party. Light Green: 70-80% California National Party.

Popular Vote and Turnout Edit

The Chawosaurian Californians voted for Wolfowitz. At 1:00 AM in London (in British time) the Chawosaurian Election Center has declared Wolfowitz the winner, ending the election at 7:00 PM (in American time) and the election officially ended at 12:59 PM before May 2, 2018, came. On the morning of May 2, 2018, the Chawosaurian Election Center declared Wolfowitz the winner.

On the morning of May 2, 2018, Chester E. Darwin conceded to Wolfowitz and declared him the winner after hours of mourning with his family.

Wolfowitz has won the 56 counties won by DKA while Darwin 2 of the counties won by DKA. Wolfowitz turned 80% of DKA's voters against him. The media called it "The middle finger has been raised at DKA and the Capitalists from California".

Also on the morning of May 2, 2018, DKA, embarrassed and ashamed, congratulated Wolfowitz and declared him the winner and offered to meet with him at the Chawopolis Palace. By May 10, 2018, DKA and Wolfowitz will meet face to face to discuss a transition of power between Comrade Senator-Elect, Wolfowitz, and Lame Duck and Acting Comrade Senator, Stanford.

Results of the Chawosaurian Legislative special election in California of May 1, 2018
Candidates Political Party Popular Vote Percentage Counties
Jonathan Draco Wolfowitz Communist Party USA 70,843,469 77.3% 56
Chester Edwin Darwin California National Party 20,853,469 22.7% 2
Total Votes 91,696,938 100% 58
Electoral Result Communist Victory
Victory Category Landslide Victory
Election Certified June 20, 2018
Popular Vote Pie Graph Popular Vote and County Count Bar Graph
2018 CA Comrade Pie
Bar graphs of the 2018 CA Comrade Election
Wolfowitz won 77.3% of the popular vote seen in both images. The Bar graph below the popular vote shows the margin of counties Wolfowitz won.
Certified: June 20, 2018 Certified: June 20, 2018
Chawosaurian Comrade State Special Election in California 2018

Red counties for Wolfowitz. Green counties for Darwin.

Jonathan D. Wolfowitz won the election in a landslide, becoming the first Communist in the History of Chawosauria to win the California Comrade Senate Seat. Wolfowitz swept 56 counties while Darwin won just only 2 counties.

Analysis Edit

This election is a rebuke against DKA and his mishandling of the Civil War, the Great Blackout, and the 2017-2018 Corporate scandals. Although DKA's policies are widely popular in California, DKA is not popular in California. In the 2017 Special Election, DKA won California in a landslide, Wolfowitz won 56-2 counties won by DKA that Timothy II failed to win.

Nevada Controversy Edit

Nevada is part of the Comrade District of California, Nevada did vote in the election and they voted for Wolfowitz, the Communist, but are not represented. Nevada filed a lawsuit against Californian abuse against Nevada.

Voter Demographics Edit

Demographic Wolfowitz Darwin
16-24 60% 37%
24-45 65% 31%
45-65 71% 28%
65 and older 95% 3%
Voters from the 2017 Special Election
Voters who voted for Degotoga K. Atagulkalu 80% 19%
Voters who voted for Timothy Max Roosevelt II 99% 1%
Socialist Ideology
Communists 100% 0%
Social Democrats 70% 29%
Anarcho-Communists 90% 9%
Liberal Socialists 68% 32%
Libertarian Socialists 65% 35%
Atheists 100% 0%
Agnostics 95% 4%
Humanists 96% 3%
Deists 98% 2%
Freethinkers 90% 9%
Working Class Groups
Blue Collar Workers 100% 0%
White Collar Workers 100% 0%
Pink Collar Workers 100% 0%

Wolfowitz won unanimous demographics over Darwin. Wolfowitz even won demographics won by DKA in 2017.

Darwin Concedes Edit

On the morning of May 2, 2018, at 5:01 AM PTZ, Darwin's campaign staff called the Wolfowitz campaign to concede to Wolfowitz and his supporters, and his concession speech would be held at 7:00 AM PTZ.

While Wolfowitz realizing he lost, he decided to go to the bar across the street from the Darwin Campaign Headquarters to grab a beer, and as he got drunk throughout the whole night, as his campaign staff wondered where Darwin was so they could prepare him for his concession speech, people told the staffers that Darwin went to the bar across the street from the campaign headquarters, they found Darwin and woke him up at 6:30 in the morning after being found, and they informed Darwin that the bar he was in was actually a Gay bar, the folks of the bar, most of them voted for Wolfowitz, told the staffers to get Darwin out of here because he was still a little drunk.

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