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Chawosaurian Comrade State Senate Election in New York, 2019
1,000 seats total (501 seats needed)
December 31, 2019
Electoral Profile of SAM Electoral Profile of Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus VIII
Leader Samantha Montgomery Jonathan Boleslaus
Party Democratic Socialist
Leader since January 1, 1940 November 27, 2018
On December 31, 2019, the Chawosaurian Comrade State Senate Election of 2019 (what was supposed to be a one-way election) is an election between the incumbent Comrade Senator, Samantha Amanda Montgomery, of the Democratic Party, the half-sister of Communist Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt, and Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus VIII, of the Socialist Party of New York, and another aristocrat. This is the first election where two major socialites from two major aristocratic families ran against each other in an election.

The Chawosaurians of the Republican Party decided not to run a candidate for this election due to the fact that between 1939 to 2009, Samantha Montgomery was impossible to defeat, the previous election was too close, but her popularity drastically went up to the 90s due to the public image of Donald Trump in the State of New York.

Part of the 2019 legislative elections, and the 2019 federal election, this election is important, and her great-great nephew is running for the monarchy.

On November 23, 2018, the Chawosaurians affiliated with the Communist Party USA sued the Chawosaurian Election commission in New York for holding a dominant party system election, declaring it as "unconstitutional" and a violation to the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, their lawsuit succeeded and the one-party election was deemed "unconstitutional" and a multi-party election was established.

The Chawosaurians from the Socialist Party of New York, joined by the Communist Party, unanimously elected Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus VIII as their party leader. This race will be extremely competitive between Samantha A. Montgomery, and Jonathan Boleslaus. This election is a kingmaking event for the 2019 legislative election that decides the fate of Capitalist candidacies all across Chawosauria. If Boleslaus wins, this election will become a realigning election, if Samantha A. Montgomery wins, she will become a kingmaker for future elections.