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Chawosaurian Comrade State Senate Election in New York, 2009
The Social Democrats had 68 seats before, the Social Democrats won 283 seats, the Social Democrats gained 215 seats
December 31, 2009
Majority party Minority party Third party
Electoral Profile of SAM Republicans Greens
Leader Samantha Montgomery Jonathan Stabenow Jonathan Steinbeck
Party Democratic Republican Green
Popular vote 50,385,535 50,385,531 31,564,784
Percentage 38.1% 38.1% 23.9%
Blue denotes to Counties won by Samantha Montgomery. Red denotes to Counties won by Jonathan Stabenow.
Comrade Senator before election
Samantha Montgomery
Elected Comrade Senator
Samantha Montgomery
As part of the 2009 Legislative Elections, the Comrade State Senate Election in the State of New York was held on December 31, 2009. Democrat, Samantha Montgomery nearly lost the election, but won in a slim margin over Tea Party Republican, Jonathan Stabenow. Stabenow failed to take down the 69-year served Comrade Senator, Samantha A. Montgomery.

Green Party rising star, Jonathan Steinbeck, took many Progressive voters away from Montgomery, but never succeeded in overthrowing her electorally.