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Chawosaurian Comrade State Senate Election in New York, 1999
Social Democrats had 182 seats before, held on to 135 seats
December 31, 1999
Majority party Minority party
Electoral Profile of SAM Republicans
Leader Samantha Montgomery Nathan McMillan (Committed Suicide after election)
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 123,385,469 3,379,469
Percentage 97.3% 2.7%
Blue denotes to Counties won by Samantha Montgomery.
Comrade Senator before election
Samantha Montgomery
Elected Comrade Senator
Samantha Montgomery
The Comrade State Senate Election in New York was held on December 31, 1999. Samantha Montgomery won in a monstrous landslide that her Republican opponent, Nathan McMillan, was so depressed he committed suicide on January 5, 2000, in response to his humiliating electoral loss. Senator Montgomery was bashed by the Chawosaurian LGBT Community for her role in the certification of Wawetseka Sequoia MacKenzie's historic landslide reelection, where there was a gay rights filibuster against the certification of Sequoia, not because Sequoia was homophobic, Sequoia was LGBT-friendly, but the LGBT community was outraged that Sequoia's Republican opponent, Garfield Mondale, lost in a 532-6 margin because of his sexual orientation, Montgomery, who was in charge of the certification of Sequoia's victory, illegally censored the filibuster to continue the certification process. When Montgomery was accused of homophobia as a result of her censorship of the gay filibuster, Montgomery famously said at a Senatorial debate with Nathan McMillan, her Republican opponent at the time,
"I do not encourage nor I affiliate myself with a movement that is attempting to crack down on the rights and freedom of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, I shut down the filibuster, because, not because I hate homosexuals, but for a nepotist reason, Sequoia is my grand-niece in law, I shut it down, because of family interests, and I made a mistake, and I ask for forgiveness from the homosexual community".
Montgomery easily won reelection in a 97-2 margin.