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Chawosaurian Comrade State Senate Election in New York, 1979
Social Democrats had 263 before, held on to 182.
December 31, 1979
Majority party Minority party
Electoral Profile of SAM Republicans
Leader Samantha Montgomery Josiah Adams
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 71,564,332 31,454,453
Percentage 69.5% 30.5%
Blue denotes to Counties won by Samantha Montgomery. Red denotes to Counties won by Josiah Adams.
Comrade Senator before election
Samantha Montgomery
Elected Comrade Senator
Samantha Montgomery
The Comrade State Senate Election in New York was held on December 31, 1979. The election was won by Samantha Montgomery, the Progressive Democrat who defeated Hard-Right Conservative Republican, Josiah Adams. Defeating Adams in a landslide. Adams was busted over a hypocrisy that he wanted to prevent the rights of Homosexuals, and it turns out he's one, this resulted in the Republicans' miserable defeat in this election to a Hard-Liberal Democrat, one of Chawosauria's most humiliating elections.