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Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election in the United States of 1992
September 7, 1992
Turnout 81%
Nominee Wawetseka Eluwilussit Garfield Mondale
Party Democratic Republican
Home state New York Minnesota
Running mate Juneau Lucas Webster Dick Miller
Electoral vote 532 6
States carried 48 2
Popular vote 68,982,988 1,120,126
Percentage 98.4% 1.6%
1992 Comrade Election
Blue states for Sequoia. Red states for Mondale. Results certified by the Chawopolis Palace by Timothy Max Roosevelt on January 3, 1993. The election certification was objected by Chawosaurian LGBT Rights Activists from the Log Cabin Republicans, ACT UP, Bisexual Resource Center, Gay Rights National Lobby, GLAAD, and the Human Rights Campaign. The Gay Rights Filibuster was shutdown by Comrade Senator Samantha A. Montgomery despite knowing it violates their right to free speech
Comrade President before election
Wawetseka Eluwilussit
Elected Comrade President
Wawetseka Eluwilussit
The Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election of 1992 was held on December 31, 1992, the election was between Incumbent President, Wawetseka S. Eluwilussit and Republican Nominee, Garfield Mondale.

The Comrade Republicans were determined to ousted Sequoia from power, and Garfield Mondale was a fierce opponent against Sequoia. Nominating Mondale has backfired spectacularly, with Mondale accidentally coming out as gay to a recorded live interview, which Mondale had no knowledge of, making him easily defeatable.

Sequoia ended up winning reelection in a landslide, winning both the Electoral College and the Popular Vote in such a large margin.

In 2018, if a Homosexual runs again, it is less likely that Homosexual will get squeezed in a landslide.

Nominations Edit

Comrade Democrats Edit

Wawetseka S. Eluwilussit was renominated as Comrade Presidential Candidate, approved by Timothy.

Comrade Republicans Edit

The last Republican candidate from 1987 wasn't really a Republican, but a Democrat, wanting to run a centrist campaign, which hurt MacKenzie. In 1991, the Comrade Republicans nominated Garfield Mondale.

Campaign Edit

Sequoia was heavily unpopular because of her gender, she was a woman giving orders to "Masculine Chawosaurians" which was widely condemned by the Masculine Community in many ways, and Garfield Mondale, who never disliked or hated Sequoia because of her gender, had no ability to criticize her because of her Libertarian Positions, supporting Laissez Faire Capitalism. Mondale was forced to hammer down on Sequoia's gender. There were no debates in this time, as were in the Human World during the 1992 U.S. Presidential Election. However, Sequoia campaigned on Lower Taxes and Deregulation while at the same time, campaigned for Civil Rights and Environmental Protection, it was less appealing to Chawosaurian Americans. Sequoia was on the verge of defeat until Garfield Mondale mistakenly came out as gay in Los Vegas in an interview, which didn't know was live. This dramatically helped Sequoia, as a Supermajority of Men have refused to be embarrassed by a "Faggot" dude and reluctantly voted for Sequoia to avoid "embarrassment" of Masculinity.

Results Edit

For Chawosaurian American men to avoid embarrassment by a Homosexual, they voted for Sequoia, thinking it would save the reputation of Masculinity, but in the year 2018, going back to this election, this is Sexism and Homophobia was what reelected Sequoia. Sequoia became the first woman in Chawosaurian History to win a Landslide Victory of any Chawosaurian Female Politicians, the reason was an ironic and wrong reason. Sequoia picked up states she lost out of 2, picking up all of the south and most of the midwest and the three western states that voted against her in her first election, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah.

Comrade Presidential Candidate Political Party Home State Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Wawetseka Sequoia Eluwilussit Democratic Party New York 68,982,988 532
Garfield Mondale Republican Party Minnesota 1,120,126 6

Legacy Edit

The Legacy of the election was widely condemned, but a divide between right and wrong. Sequoia became the first woman in Chawosauria to landslide her opponent, but this only happened because of ignorance, it was widely considered that Sequoia owed Mondale an Apology for not standing up against this election.