In Chawosaurian Politics, a Chawosaurian Comrade is a Chawosaurian Citizen who lives in the Human World but lives under Chawosaurian Law. Their representative is the Comrade President, who reports to the Monarch.

Oath of Citizenship Edit

"I (your full name) do soliney swear to execute my rights and duties on behalf of the State and will with the best of my ability to protect, proserve, and defend the Laws of this state and will with the best of my ability to obey the direct orders of the Monarch, report to the Comrade President about my needs as a Citizen and hold criminals accountable for their actions against the state"

Rights and Duties Edit

Rights Edit

  • The Right to be represented by the Comrade President.
  • The Right to Vote in Direct Democratic Elections.
  • The Right to Vote in Recall Elections.
  • The Right to hold others accountable by a jury.
  • The Right to remain silent when committed a crime.
  • The Right to have an attorney.
  • The Right to speak when spoken in a trial.
  • The Right to Earn the Right to Privacy.
  • The Right to Education.
  • The Right to Healthcare.
  • The Right to Housing.

Duties Edit

  • Obey, Enforce, Respect, and Protect the Law of this State.
  • Report Criminals to Law Enforcement.
  • Obey the orders of the Monarch of this State at all times.
  • Support the State at all times.
  • Pay Taxes (including Unrepresented) to provide for the State.
  • Allow the Government to Transparent your Property.

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