As part of the Chawosaurian Government's Chamber of Deputies, the Chawosaurian Administration in the United States of America (CAUSA) (or simply Chawosaurian America) is a district of the Chamber of Deputies led by an Administrator to govern the Chawosaurian Community in the United States of America. Its founder was Christopher Leonard Wellington (1812-1893) and is today being reigned by the Wellington family.  

It was founded on the 100th anniversary of American Independence on July 4, 1876, by Christopher Leonard Wellington. He became the first President of this district and he reigned absolutely from 1876 until his death in 1893, and then his son, James Delano Wellington, from 1893 till he stepped down in 1946, allowing the district absolute democracy, and elected Samuel Lyons Wellington. 

This district governs the Chawosaurian community in the United States, this district is being controlled by Chawosaurian members of the United States' Communist Party since the 2018 general elections.