The Crossbreeding between Chawosaurians and Humans has gone on since Chawosaurians had become their own species genetically, but as Chawosaurians' transition from Humans to their own species has started to have a negative on the Chawosaurian-Human offsprings. Genetics of Chawosaurian-Humans are negative.

List of Genetic conditions triggered by Chawosaurian-Human Crossbreeding Edit

Genetic Condition Image Signs Genetic Condition Type
Hemophilia on skin
  • Uncontrollable Bleeding even through minor injuries.
  • Swelling of the skin.
  • Joint pains.
Heterochromia Iridum
Unequal Eye Colors Condition
Anisocoria II
Unequal size eye pupils (sometimes while having Heterochromia Iridum) Condition
Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Adolf Hitler can be considered having Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the evidence is, his rough childhood, and how he reigned Germany before his downfall in 1945.

  • Self-importance over others.
  • Refusal to understand the feelings of others.
  • Desire for absolute power, recognition, and god-like admiration.
  • Refusal to accept criticism.
  • Refusal to hear the ideas of others.
  • Can be prejudiced (racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc)
Disorder (sometimes mentally)
Intellectually disabled

Patrick Star is widely seen in the SpongeBob franchise as Intellectually disabled or (what the characters of SpongeBob, especially Squidward) often describe him as "Stupid".

  • Lack of knowledge even of the world around you.
  • Inability to learn.
Blind person with his guide dog
See blurry objects and not knowing what these objects are. Disorder

Ludwig Van Beethoven, a German composer, was known also for his deafness.

No ability to hear anything around you Disorder