Emperor Santiago

Santiago was Emperor of Chawosauria during the Two World Wars.

Under then Emperor, Jonathan Albert Santiago, who neglected Chawosauria in the Dangers affecting Chawosauria from the World Wars, Chawosauria was isolated from World War 1 and World War 2, however, the two wars were recognized by Chawosauria as an International Crisis, with two U.S. Presidents, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, took leadership roles in the wars. Chawosauria, under Emperor, Santiago, were not allowed to intervene in neither World War 1 nor World War 2, the Chawosaurian Generals disagreed, but they had to obey the Emperor.

Chawosauria was hit hard by the World Wars between 1914 to 1945. The Wars transformed Chawosauria into a World Power.

World War 1 (1914-1918) Edit

World War I- Every Day

World War I- Every Day

World War 1

When World War 1 broke out, Chawosauria was in Panic, Emperor, Santiago addressed the nation over the problem, on January 5, 1915, Chawosauria signed an agreement to recognize World War 1 as an International Problem, and during the years of 1916 to 1917, Chawosauria done humanitarian works for their people who were injured in World War 1 Areas, in 1918, when World War 1 ended, Emperor Santiago signed an Executive Order, banning Chawosaurian Military Programs favoring an Intervention in the Next World War (which would be World War 2).

World War 2 (1939-1945) Edit

World War II- Every Front Every Day

World War II- Every Front Every Day

Emperor Tigerstar's NEW World War II Video

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World War II in Europe and the Pacific- Every Day

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Santiago was still Emperor and his Anti-WW2 Executive Order was finally enforced when World War 2 broke out in Poland, Santiago was threatened by the Stalinist Soviet Union, in which, Santiago's advisor, Victoria Belinsky, became Secretary of State, born during World War 1, she understood the concepts of War much better than Santiago does. Timothy was in Australia, flexing his political muscles to fight for Political Power over Chawosauria with his new Chawallian Communist Party formed in Canberra, and has gotten to see his Daughter born in 1940. Santiago had favorable views on Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was then the President of the United States until 1945, when in 1941, both the USSR and the USA were invaded by the Axis Powers, which was what Russia was apart of, Santiago was relieved.

Chawoauria was damaged by the 1945 Recession but World War II deeply influenced Chawosauria's Power and Strength as an Empire and Superpower.

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