On October 10, 2016, Chawosaurian Representatives had a meeting regarding both Interracial Marriages and Interfaith Marriages, finally improving a federal law criminalizing Exogamy, recriminalizing Interracial Relationships and by proposing a federal law criminalizing All exogamic relationships, by proposing a Monogamy Law that passes and enforces prohibition against Exogamy, Polygamy, Bigamy, and Polygyny, Polyandry, Polyamory and Chawosauria had allowed Bigamy, but under the Monogamy Statute, that will change.

In Chawosaurian Culture, Exogamy is socially unacceptable, and is a taboo, laws exist and are targeting both Interracial and Interfaith Marriages, and Chawosauria proposes an Anti-Exogamy Law that bans both marriages and sexual activity between Exogamic couples and Polygamists on October 10, 2016, and was founded by Canonicus Roosevelt, the senator who introduced the Selection of Religion Act.

Anti-Exogamy Statute Edit

The Anti-Exogamy Law was introduced by Canonicus Roosevelt on October 10, 2016, and was introduced into Chawosaurian Congress, Abooksigun Eluwilussit and Adsila Ahyoka both support the Exogamy Law, and Abooksigun is willing to sign it to law.

The Anti-Exogamy Law bans marriages and cohabitation between couples from two different heritages, communities, and races and religions, even sexual orientations, like Bisexuals and Heterosexuals are banned from consenting and marrying and producing children, although it would criminalize Bisexuality basically, but would Bigamy is seen as unacceptable in Chawosauria as equal as it is in the United States.