One of Chawosauria's well-known reputation is their Criticism of Christianity. Chawosaurians who are predominately Irreligious tend to hold strong critical thinking views towards Christianity, but many of them are very hostile towards Christianity. Chawosauria passed a major law, Section 126, as part of their new arrival of Communism in Chawosauria, establishes a State Atheist regime in response to Christianity and other Religions.

Chawosauria's very first encounter with Christianity was in the Viking Age, at first, the relations between Chawosaurians and Christians were fairly good, but it was European Colonialism that changed Chawosauria's attitudes towards Christianity to a negative direction forever, the First Brutal War made Chawosauria the near victim of European Colonialism, which Chawosauria survived from and became the victim of Christianization, which was always part of European Colonialism. Europe's attempt to Christianize Chawosauria ended in disaster, with the sparking of World War I, resulting in the Russian Revolution of 1917, creating the Russian Civil War which created the Soviet Union, inspired Chawosauria to rise up against Christianization while at the same time, they tolerated Westernization, and bring Communism to Chawosauria.

The rise of Timothy Max Roosevelt resulted in the Persecution and Purge of Christians, which already lasted between the 1940s to nearly the present day.