"Unitati, communi libertati, Imperium"
—National motto of Chawosauria
The Chawosaurian World (also known politically as the Empire of Chawosauria, also referred to as the World of Chawosauria, or simply Chawosauria) is a predominately Imiaimian Orbis within the Orbian World where Orbians of Chawalliankalitan ancestry or blood live and interact separately from the Miaimian world. Many Chawosaurians are Miaimian-borns. The Orbians who live in Chawosauria are referred to as Chawosaurians, and as a result of the interbreeding with the Orbians, Chawosaurians became an Imiaimian race.

The current Supreme Leader of Chawosauria is Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a, the current motto of Chawosauria is Unitati, communi libertati, Imperium, translated from Latin to Unity, Liberty, Sovereignty.

The Chawosaurians were originated from the now-extinct Chawalliankalitan Empire, an Indigenous nation-state similar to the Aztec Empire, another Indigenous nation-state. The Chawalliankalitan Empire was founded by Emperor Chawalliankalita and the indigenous Chawosaurian culture arrived. The religion, Chawalliankalitanism, was founded on the religious teachings of Emperor Chawalliankalita who proclaimed himself as the messiah. The Chawalliankalitan Empire lived from 2580 BCE, and it fell in 1895 during the First Brutal War, after the British, the Wolfsberg Empire, and other Orbian allies of the British overthrew their government.

The British attempted to systemically Christianize Chawosauria through the Christianization program, but the program was met with nationalist resistance, Prime Minister Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson was viewed as "Britain's bitch" and "King Malcolm". Warning signs for the British began to appear since the 1909 Chawosaurian legislative elections, when nationalist populists began to take notice, but Chawosauria was affected by World War II, this led to the largest political shift in Chawosaurian History starting in the 1945 Chawosaurian legislative elections, when the election marked the first time in Chawosaurian History that a Communist Party has taken control of Chawosauria's legislative headquarters, the Chawopolis Palace, and the Communist Party drastically shifted Chawosauria's whole landscape, culture, society, and beliefs.

History Edit

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Prehistory Edit

The Age of the Dinosaurs Edit

The Chawosaurians didn't exist during the Dinosaur Era, however, fictionally, the Chawosaurians didn't exist at all because in that time, they're were no humans, just wild beasts who controlled the junglely world, a world with weird prehistoric creatures that we don't see today, in the world today, Dinosaurs still exist, Birds, Crocodiles, Alligators.

And Prehistoric species like rats, still exist, History never dies, people may think that, but it's true at every cause, History repeats itself always, like example, Israel was there in the middle east at the time of the Ancient Egyptians, but dissolved under the Romans, after World War 2, Israel returned in 1948, so did Egypt. China is one of the world's most oldest surviving countries, but divided under the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Extinction of Dinosaurs Edit

The Dinosaurs died out due to the asteroid hitting the earth with extreme force much much worse than an atomic bomb, however, Earth was a disaster of a planet, the oceans survived maybe.

All the trees and plants died, everything died, but were survivors, the ancient ancestors of the Human Race, the crater can be found in Mexico. The Ancestors of us had existed through this horrible disaster, they didn't witnessed it because of back then, their brains, or they were hitting in the day time because of the Dinosaurs, or were out in the night time on the other side of the earth but some of them may got wiped out by the disaster.

The Aftermath of the Dinosaurs Edit

Without the Dinosaurs, there was peace, still no humans yet, there were Mammoths, Saber Toothed Tigers, they dominated the North American Landscapes, however, after the beginning of Earth's recoverment from the asteroid disaster, plants began to regrow and some Dinosaur eggs survived, but starved because there was no food.

In today's world, there's still a conflict between evolution and prehistory and Religion, but most people in the United States today believe in the theory of evolution and prehistory.

The Rise of Homo Sapiens Edit

During the era of human evolution, which was thought up by Charles Darwin, a British Scientist, in today's world, there are still religious myths of how the earth was made and or how the first humans were made, like example, the Ancient Hebrews explained that Adam and Eve were the world's first man and woman, the theory of evolution continues to challenge creationism of other religions, Christianity expressed similar beliefs as the Ancient Hebrews while other religions have their own part of explaining how the world was made, the Hindus, the Buddhists, well you name it.

According to Charles Darwin, he explained that Humans were related to Apes, which if you look at the body features of Humans and Monkeys, they are alike if you look just alittle bit more closer into the surface.

When the very first Christians first red Darwin's evolution theory, they all went "what the hell is this trash" but today, most people in Europe and the Americas believe it today.

Chawosaurian Golden Age Edit

Settlement Edit

The Birth Home of Chawosauria is Devon Island, which is an island on North Canada, it can be found that the island is still located in one of Canada's northern territories, Nunavut.

The Chawosaurians who were called Inuits, were not called Chawalliankalitans until 100,000 BCE, they were evolved in 100,000,000 BCE and in 80,000 BCE, they settled on Devon Island and were still part of the Inuits. The language the Inuit Chawosaurians spoke was Qikiqtaaluk, Inuit and more Arctic Languages.

Ancient Culture Edit

The Chawalliankalitans believed that the Arctic Snow Lands on Devon Island was already heaven, and the people who lived there were already dead, when an infant was born, the infant is the soul of someone who just died, but believed that they were in first heaven, when a soul dies, the soul becomes one of the stars, but when a soul was bad, the soul dies and his or her intersoul dies with it's body. Chawalliankalitans were very religious and were very Liberal because of the Chawosaurian Golden Age, which was a time when Chawosaurians were formerly liberal, and was part of Chawalliankalitan Culture.

There was a continent called Arctica, which existed until the end of the last ice age.

Ancient History Edit

"In the beginning there was nothing, just black darkness, and then, an explosion of light, blocked the darkness away and then the lighting stars began to rise, and deep in the stars, there was a egg of two infants, once they hatched, the babies grew up, they were named, both, Chawo and Chawa, they were the first god and goddess of the universe, and then, they had three children together, Chawigold, Chawistar and Chawosina, Chawo and Chawa gave their three children a life of promise and joy, they were special, and were crown jewels of the supernatural couple, but once the boys went to an age of growth and time for one of them to take Chawo's place, one day, it was a special day, Chawo called his boys over, while Chawa took care of Chawosina, Chawo reached into the sky and grabbed two stars, once he grabbed the stars, they turned into gold, the gold balls, gave one to Chawigold, once Chawigold was handed the golden ball, the ball turned into ice, and Chawo gave the other golden ball to Chawistar, once Chawistar was handed the golden ball, the ball turned into the ball of fire, Chawo told the boys that one of these golden balls will turn into the most precious ball in the universe, the Ball of Color (Earth), and if one of the boys' balls turned into the ball of color, that child will take Chawo's place as King of the Universe. Once time for bed, the Boys put their balls beside them, over night, Chawigold's ice ball began to change into the ball of color, once morning time, Chawigold noticed that his ball has changed, ice, green, brown, he can see animals into his ball's surface, it was the ball of color, he went to his father, woke him up and the whole family and into his sleeping entrance and got his ball and showed his father, the ball of color, his father was pounded away with joy, he hugged his son with completely joy and said, "you're my successor", but Chawistar looked at Chawigold in a negative way and left the room, Chawistar's ball never changed, it was still the ball of fire, but ever since the arrival of the ball of color, Chawistar had been having not such a good relationship with Chawigold, when Chawo died and Chawa left the boys and kept Chawosina, Chawistar gets upset everytime the Chawigold carries around the ball of color, Chawigold's mother gave Chawigold a rack of balls (solar system), and Chawigold added the Ball of color while Chawistar added the Ball of Fire into the rack. But Chawistar wanted his brother back, by wanting to destroy the Ball of Color, when Chawa died, Chawigold was left in charge of the universe, which caused Chawistar to attack Chawigold in order to destroy the Ball of Color, and once Chawigold and Chawosina defended the Ball of Color, Chawigold hugged Chawistar to cool him down, Chawigold had an idea for Chawistar, he can be part of the Ball of Color, which gave Chawistar the opportunity to curse the ball of color. Chawigold had the godly power to put Chawistar on the ball of color to add him to his price, however, that was a bad idea, because it gave Chawistar the opportunity to curse the ball of color instead of destroying it with his own hands. There were three brothers and their father on the ball of color, which Chawistar spotted, so he tricked his sister, Chawosina, to give them the blood ball, making Chawosina thought it was the ball of love, the father and the three sons were walking from Siberia to Alaska, the father said to his children, go without me, while the father was walking without his children, Chawosina showed up on the father and handed him the blood ball and told him to take it back to his tribe to his children as a father gift, as he got back to his children with Chawosina's guidance, as he went back to the tent, his sons went to the tent and noticed that their father was there, the father said, look at this red ball, the sons were amazed, they asked where the ball came from, the father said it was a gift, the father and the sons heard Chawosina's voice, telling them to open the ball, as they open the ball by breaking it, red smoke came out extremely, black and red smoke, Chawistar appeared from the smoke and spoke to the family, he handed each brother, three black balls, one ball was the ball of disease, one ball was the ball of hatred and the last ball, the ball of disaster, each ball is deadly, which Chawistar didn't told the family, and the balls will cause the whole family their lives, but, one of the brothers' balls, the ball of hatred and fear, had the spirit of hatred in it, spirit came out and went into the brother and entered the brother's dream, but killed him, after the ball broke and the Black Eagle of Hatred came out and went into the sky and the eagle as it fly, flapped it's wings and the dusts of hatred rained on earth from the flapping wings of the eagle, and hatred rose, the second brother had the ball of disease, but when the brother touched the ball, he had a disease and died, when he died, the ball broke the Black Eagle of Disease rose out of the broken ball and went to the sky and fly around the earth and then disease rained down on the earth from the eagle's flapping wings. the last brother had the ball of disaster, but, there was a huge snow storm, after the village froze, a huge tsunami (2,000 feet from the ground) crashed the frozen village, the ball broke under water and the black eagle of disaster fly out from the tsunami, but when out of the tsunami, the eagle fly the sky and then disaster rained on the ground from it's wing and caused tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire whirls, gustnadoes, dust devils, steam devils, downbursts, waterspouts, landspouts, cyclones and derechoes. Then the father blamed Chawistar for the balls that killed his sons, so Chawistar wants his soul too, so he appeared to the father and handed him a ball, the very large purple ball, the father refused, but looked into his eyes and made him accept the ball, but when he touched the ball, the father died, while falling on the ground, the ball broke and then the Purple Eagle of Death rose up and then Chawistar ordered the eagle to fly around the earth and make death fall from it's wing on the earth while flying around the entire planet, and the eagle did so."
—Book Of The Universe, Chawosaurian Religion
A Group of Inuits were hanging out, enjoying themselves in the fast and very storming snowing environment, and some very old spirit came to them, he was Chawalliankalita, he was described all dressed in white and had a Polar Bear with him, the Inuits saw him and asked him for help, the white spirit said, "i found refuge in your hands, please take me as your leader", as the Inuits took him and as Chawalliankalita spoke to them, the Inuits thought he was very intelligent, they wanted to know more, they said "Please tell us more", the Inuits had renamed themselves the Chawalliankalitans, except other Inuits.

Chawalliankalitans wanted to hear how the world was made, so, Chawalliankalita brought up his version of the creation myth.

Politics Edit

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Current Political Leadership Edit

National Incumbents
Supreme Leader Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a
Prime Minister Jonathan D. Boleslaus IX
Governing Party SDGPA


Political Parties and Elections Edit

Chawosauria is a multi-party state, and hold legislative elections but not at the fixed lenth, decade legislative elections are held annually every decade, but always in the fifth year after the previous decade election, and four years before the next decade election, a midterm is held. Like the decade election, midterms are also held annually, giving them the name decade midterm.

The election of the Supreme Leader is called each time when the incumbent Supreme Leader is severely aging (Emperor Santiago's case in 1973 and Timothy Max Roosevelt's case in 2010), the election is requested by the Chawopolis Palace and approved by the House of Dynasties, the supreme nonpartisan checks and balance branch of the Chawosaurian government that prevents government corruption and tyranny.

Administrative Divisions Edit

Continental Federal Republics
Continental Federal Republic Flag Capital Largest City
Federal Republic of Africa
Chawosaurian Flag of the Federal Republic of Africa

Flag of the Federal Republic of Africa

Cairo Lagos
Federal Republic of Asia
Chawosaurian Flag of the Federal Republic of Asia

Flag of the Federal Republic of Asia

Federal Republic of Europe
Chawosaurian Flag of the Federal Republic of Europe

Flag of the Federal Republic of Europe

Rome Moscow
Federal Republic of North America TBD New York City
Federal Republic of Oceania
Chawosaurian Flag of the Federal Republic of Oceania

Flag of the Federal Republic of Oceania

Federal Republic of South America
Chawosaurian Flag of the Federal Republic of South America

Flag of the Federal Republic of South America

Sao Paulo
Continental Federal Republic Flag Capital Largest City


Geography Edit

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Chawosaurians prefer to live in colder areas because of ancestral traits from the Arctic. The Chawosaurian world's geography and climate matches of that of the Miaimians as a result of living on the same planet.

Climate Edit

Geography and Climate

Physical map of the world.

Chawosaurians live in the same climates Miaimians live. Chawosaurians prefer to live in colder and snowy areas because of the Chawosaurians' ancestral background.

Economy Edit

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Bismarck Deallon

A Chawosaurian Deallon bill, the Bismarck Deallon with the face of former Prime Minister Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII (1890-2013).

The Chawosaurian dollar bill is called a Deallon (Dee-Lon or Deal-lon), and they are the official currency of Chawosauria.

Energy Edit

Chawosauria relied on fossil fuels until the Great Blackout. The shortage of coal in Chawosauria has led to a nationwide outage and plans for a renewable alternative became widely demanded.

Transportation Edit

Green Trains

Renewable trains are widespread in Chawosauria.

Chawosauria widely uses sustainable transportation, and Chawosaurian automotive corporations announced their plans to move to renewable vehicles.

Society Edit

The society of Chawosauria has been centered around cultural identity and ancestry. Chawosaurians tend to have xenophobic views due to fears of losing their cultural and ancestral identity, this is caused by the fact that they were part of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas (Native Americans) and European settlers and colonialists came from Europe to Native America and tried to genocide the whole people, but if that fails, which it did, the Europeans attempted to force Native Americans to abandon their cultural identity, as well as their ancestral traits, through forced interracial marriages, and cultural assimilation.

Chawosaurians fear the same fate, this causes Chawosaurians to have xenophobic prejudices largely against Christians, because of the role Christianity played in the near genocides of the Native Americans.

Class, Equality, and Prejudice Edit

Chawosauria is divided by the similar classes of that of the Miaimian world. Economically, there is the rich, poor, and middle class, but also the working class and working poor. While economic inequality is not as visible as it is in the Miaimian world, especially in the United States, Africa, and other nations outside the Industrialized western world,

Culture Edit

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Language Edit

Chawosaurians speak Latin, but also speak the native languages of the nations they live.

Education Edit

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Education is free and universal in Chawosauria. Chawosauria uses boarding schools overwhelmingly, and all education is public, private education and charter schools are, by law, not allowed in Chawosauria due to widespread concerns over potential religious indoctrination, which the Chawosaurian government fears could lead to terrorism and societal instability like the one from the September 11 Attacks.

Under Chawosaurian law, it is illegal to deny a child an education based on economic class, the penalty for such discrimination is death by being strapped in a chair while drowning in gasoline. Education debts, charging, and loans are legally unacceptable. Chawosaurian schools are nearly all boarding schools. Students are accepted to all boarding schools regardless of if they're rich, middle class, or poor, and they are either accepted or denied based on their intellect. Before a school year, children expecting to begin their first year are required to take what is called an Intellect Evacuation test, and the questions are simple, simple math and reading, if a child passes at least with a 60% average, they are accepted, if fails under 60%, they are denied.

There are no grades, no kindergarten or college, but years. A child is allowed legally to start school at age 11, and they are to graduate at the age of 17, and they are free to choose any employment or career they please, but the children who were denied an education because of intellectual disabilities, have to compete in a material disadvantage. Under Chawosaurian law, if you were denied an education, you have no legal right to be employed. Discrimination against intellectually disabled Chawosaurians is rapid and is by law mandatory, but this is often used as an opportunity grab to oppress other minority groups, for example, Prime Minister Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII prominently hated Chawosaurian Jews, Bismarck's hatred for Jews caused him to abuse the Intellect Evacuation test to marginalize Jewish children into poverty by changing the testing system that is biased against the Jews by mandating the Jewish children take College-level tests in order to make them fail, disabling them from catching their dreams or goals for employment and economic support, and increase discrimination against the Jews.

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