Chawosauria's Racial Segregation Codes
Vital statistics
Start 1000 C.E.
End Present Day.

Chawosauria's Racial Segregation Laws are part of the Constitution only when it comes to Interracial Marriage, In Chawosauria, interracial sexual activity and marriage are both illegal and carries the death penalty.

When Timothy Max Roosevelt was emperor, he ordered all Interracial Couples to be killed for committing Interracial Sexual Activity and said interracial sexual activity will be banned in 1945

Prerequisites Unknown
Level Good Situations
Location Chawosauria
Rewards Unknown
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Chawosauria's Equality Interracial Sexual Revolution
In Chawosauria, interracial sexual activity is illegal and so as Interracial Marriage, the Chawosaurians believe that interracial sexual activity is against the Sexuality of Chawosauria and should be Constitutionally Illegal. Chawosaurian Absolute Emperor, Timothy Max Roosevelt said interracial sexual activity and marriage is not "How tobe a Chawallian", But in Chawosauria, All Ethnicities are not allowed to serve in the army and not allowed to own property and not allowed to marry each other, the Chawosaurians are under a master race called the "Decarians" which are red skin and green eyes.

The Chawosaurian Independence Council Conference of October 18, 2015 said interracial sexual activity should not be legal after the Chawosaurian Revolutionary War, nor after the end of the Chawallianic Wars and the Chawosaurians said Chawmania should not allow interracial marriage because to the Chawmanians, it is not good or right or natural.

The Chawosaurians including Adsila Ahyoka said interracial sexual activity and marriage are unnatural and or unusual