On November 15, 2017, the Chawosaurian Government announced a Plan to Colonize Mars. Planned by JSM, but opposed and criticized by DKA, arguing that Space Colonization would lead to Environmental Degradation, Extended Wars, and Economic Inequality.

Chawosauria's plot to build a Space Colonial Empire means Extended Wars, Chawosauria never had Environmental Protection Laws at all, not so ever in their history, political or other, Chawosauria's Electricity runs 100% on Fossil Fuels, without any Renewable Resources at all at sight, which leading Chawosauria into risk of a Severe Blackout.

Chawoversia warned Chawosauria the same consequences DKA warned about Space Colonization. Chawosauria's plan to Terraform Mars introduced to the Chawosaurian Parliament as the Planetary Terraforming Act. More Legislation on Chawosauria's entering of an Age of Space Colonization includes The Interplanetary Spaceflight Act, the Declaration of a Space Colonial Empire Act, and the Intergalactic Travel Act.