Smartphone Referendum

Referendum 18 has sparked a conflict between Anti and Pro-Digital Chawosaurians.

In Chawosaurian Society, public resentment and substantial criticism of advancing digital and internet technology is on the rise, and it was showed in the Age of Smartphone Referendum of 2018 on March 31, 2018, when the Chawosaurian Voters voted in favor of legislative initiative to block Chawosaurians who are under 21-years of age from buying and owning an iPhone. The initiative passed in a surprise landslide. This marks the new beginning of Populism in Chawosauria.

Since the arrival of computers in possibly the 1980s, Chawosaurians grew discouraged and dissatisfied, even angry. Chawosaurians prefer to live in the 1950s rather than the 21st Century to avoid Pornography, Rap music, and cuss words on TV and the internet. These beliefs are based on Chawosauria's version of Social Conservatism and Social Traditionalism.