First Time Magazine
First Time Magazine of Chawosauria
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Author Jersey Parker
Illustrator Jersey Parker
Published on Dec. 26, 2015
Published by Joseph Blaska
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(none) Second Time Magazine
For many decades now, Chawosauria has not had been before publishing Time Magazines, now on December 26, 2015, Chawosauria has published it's first time magazine and has been the most best seller, Degotoga Atagulkalu has became the first tobe published on the time magazine and was called Liberal of the Year, the Chawosaurians are attempting to press charges on Jersey Parker or this magazine and as far as the LGBT Community, it is really the most bestest seller of all magazines, better than the Drop of Water Magazine.

Chawosauria had been placed under censorship but when 2015 to 2016 came, freedom has rose. the Time Magazine has been the most iconic magazine because it is a time magazine and like other time magazines in the United States, they are annually published.