On December 25, 2017, Chawosauria now has the resources to create Biological Weapons no empire has ever made, Chawosaurian Scientists led by Doctor, Bellock, has thought up a way to spread STDs, Influenza, and Ebola without the use of Human Contact or Sexual Activity. Bellock pointed out that Blood is a Liquid and Bellock believes he can turn Blood as a liquid and into a gas and use this gas for warfare purposes. Blood, a body fluid that is liquid, Bellock needed the Blood to be contaminated with STDs, Ebola, and other Easily contagious diseases. On March 24, 2018, DKA signed Permanent Order 34569, which requires criminals convicted of Pedophilia to be used as test objects where Chawosauria's successfully developed Biological weapons will be tested on convicted Pedophiles as death punishment for their sex crimes.

Contaminated Blood Gas Edit


Examples of Needles of Blood

Blood is a body fluid that is also a liquid, there is technology that can turn liquid into a gas, Chawosaurian Military Scientists prepared the testings of such. The Blood has to be contaminated by Bacteria in order to be brutally dangerous for Chawosauria's Military Enemies.

Experiments Edit

The Blood Drive Experiments began in January 2018, Involuntary Blood Drives began.