1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxModern Chawosaurs (Chawosaurians) who all are part of the modern ape family as parts of Science Fiction which were all created by Garrett Bailey, editor of Chawosauria Wikia, as parts of fictional creation, Chawosaurs are dark and red skin, black hair, green eyes, wide heads, thin bodies, wide Asian-shape eyes, the biggest and widest brains, hottest blood, dark skins but depending on climate, dark skin color differences, males have the thickest hairs, they are 6.51 feet (only for males) while females are 5.21.

They have extreme violent behavior towards non-Chawosaurs and as disorder, the majority of Chawosaurs who have explosive anger disorders with prejudices towards people for example, Christians, is a huge and giant majority because they have extreme fear anxieties towards Christians because of what happen to the Roman Empire when Christianity was decriminalized in the empire, the Christians took over the empire and Christianize the entire continent of Europe.

Chawosaurs do not develop traditional culture except pop culture, the majority of Chawosaurs are Atheists because of the time of European Colonization, their ancient ancestors formerly worshiped their ancestral and ethnic religion.

Chawosaurs are political and militarized in their societies, their discriminatory politics still exist and they do commit cannibalism that Christians are the prey of Chawosaurs.

As part of science fiction, Chawosaurs do have Tapetum Lucidum which their green eyes can glow, and Chawosaurs could see in the dark without electricity but with eyes only at night, even though Chawosaurs do use electricity so very often. And Chawosaurs do have good vision the same as humans.