The Chawopolis Palace (also called Chawopolis Castle) is a large Chawosaurian Castle presently used as the headquarters of the Chawosaurian National Government and is located in the port of Chawosauria's Capital City, Chawopolis. It is home of Chawosauria's Government and residence of the Chawosaurian Monarch.

It is the royal mausoleum of the first Monarch of Chawosauria, Emperor Chawalliankalita. While it remained a palace for the Monarch and the royal family to live, it was also a national temple of worship for the ancient Chawosaurian pagan religion called Chawalliankalitanism. It is also the home of the gravesite of the Veteran Prime Minister Leonid Ivan Bzovsky (1940-2019), Bzovsky was the first Chawosaurian politician in Chawosaurian History and the first Chawosaurian head of state since Emperor Johnathan Maximilian in 1850 (169 years) to have been laid to rest in the Palace's underground cemetery and tomb yard.

Today, it is both the residence of the Monarch and the royal family and the headquarters of the Chawosaurian National Government in the capital city of Chawopolis. Like the United States Capitol Building in the U.S., the Chawopolis Palace is the meeting place of nationally elected Chawosaurian politicians regardless of ranks, chambers, and more. The Chawopolis Palace is larger than the United States Capitol Building by the height of 501 feet longer, and 30 miles longer than the U.S. Capitol, it is a huge palace with 531 floors and over 235,000 rooms. An update in 2017, there are now a total 1,000 offices, 1,000 seats in the Chawopolis Chamber, four subchambers, the House of Commons, the House of Lords, the Houe of Representatives, and the House of Senators.

The Chamber of Deputies is a floor under the four chambers of the Chawopolis Chamber. In front of the Chawopolis Palace, there is the Chawopolis Square, where, during military parades, soldiers would stay until ready to march on the Chawopolis Road of Silver used for ceremonial and funeral events, the dome of the Chawopolis Palace is called the Chawopolis Bell, or simply the Bell of the Chawopolis Palace or the Palace Bell. There is the national flag of Chawosauria on the Chawopolis Bell.

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