The Capital City of Chawopolis is the Capital City and Sustainable City of the Empire of Chawosauria located at Devon Island, one of the islands of Queen Elizabeth Islands at the Canadian territory of Nunavut. It has always been a city, even though it suffered severe damage from the First Brutal War.

It is a multiracial and multicultural city, the most Social Democratic city in Chawosaurian History, a Sustainable City, the city is one of those Places in Chawosauria not suffering from the Great Blackout. The City is home of the arts, politics, military, and a great economy.

This city was built by Emperor Chawalliankalita during his monarchy, and although the city has suffered war damage, notably the First Brutal War, the city survived. There, in the city, there is the Chawopolis Palace standing at the Coast of the city,