Chawophobia is ignorance, prejudice, paranoia, and discrimination against Chawosauria and Chawosaurians.

Chawophobia in Chawosauria is widely accused to the lack of Chawosaurian Nationalism, Chawosauria widely classified as a trap to influence Pedophilia, and is also a Capital Crime under Chawosaurian Law, Chawosauria does not believe in the phrase "love your enemies" has said by many people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, but Chawosauria wanted to take violent action, including using sexual assault to attack their enemies.

Definitions Edit

Chawophobia is Prejudice against Chawosaurians, Anti-Chawosaurian Sentiment, Discrimination against Chawosaurians in other places.

But in Chawosauria, Chawophobia is widely defined as "Pedophilia", a criminal offense that an adult wants to lore children for sexual wants and goals.

Chawosaurian Reactions and Responses Edit

Chawosaurians strongly respond to Chawophobia often violently, including in a violent sexual manner, Chawophobia not only offends Chawosaurians, it makes them be violent to Chawophobic individuals, by beating them up, slaughtering them, kidnapping them, mostly sexual assault them, and ridicule them personally.

Chawosaurian Law Edit

Section 16 of the Chawosaurian Penal Code states Chawophobia is a criminal offense, and the penalty is death, anyone who is not fit for Chawosaurian Nationalism and Patriotism, are subjected to death, and those who mocked Chawosaurian History and Ancestry and Heritage, and unwelcome to the joy of life, said the Chawosaurian Law.

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