The Term "Chawophilia" is an insulting slang used for people who are sexually attracted towards Chawosaurians and or Chawosaurian Comrades. Chawophilia is not the opposite from Chawophobia as people would think of, the Chawosaurians feel uncomfortable with foreigners falling in love with them, which would lead to Chawosauria, desire to ban Intermarriages.

Definitions Edit

Chawophilia is sexual attraction, romantic attraction or love, and desirable feelings towards Chawosaurians and their comrades.

A Chawophile is a Non-Chawosaurian Outsider or Foreigner who is in love with a Chawosaurian.

Chawosaurian Reactions and Responses Edit

Most Chawosaurians feel uncomfortable with outsiders and foreigners adding Chawosaurians to sexual culture of their worlds, Chawosaurians condemns this and always went to higher bad levels.

Chawosaurian Law Edit

Chawosaurian Law bans Interracial Marriages, including marriages and even sexual activity with Foreigners, Chawophilia is socially unacceptable everywhere in Chawosauria due to uncomfortable reactions by Chawosaurians and the Chawosaurian Government decides to pass laws against marriage and sex between National-Born Citizens and Foreigners.