Chawoatheism or Chawosaurian Atheism or Nationalistic Atheism is Atheistic Chawosaurian Culture inherited from the Chawalliankalitan Religion and the ideas of Atheism from the 19th Century or 20th Century. Chawoatheists were founded by Timothy Max Roosevelt and rose to power by the Timothy Max Roosevelt Era, and still are in power with by influencing the rise of Christian Atheists who now dominate Chawosaurian Christianity and the rise of Humanism in Chawosauria.

Chawoatheism is the mixture of Atheist and Chawosaurian Ideas, inherited from Chawalliankalitanism. The founders were Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery, Berruguete Leonardo Montgomery and Jonathan Santiago and Timothy Max Roosevelt.

Chawoatheist Coalition Edit

In 1936, the Chawoatheist Coalition was founded, it rules the Chawosaurian Government and helped set up Section 126.

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