In Chawalliankalitan Mythology, Chawo is the First Generation God, the father of three children, Chawigold, Chawistar, and Chawasina. The Brother and Husband of Chawa.

It is considered that the Universe is the mother of Chawo and Chawa, which would be a Pandeist thought.

Story Edit

Chawo and Chawa were fertilized by the clouds of dust in the Sky of the Universe after the Big Bang, once they were born, they grew up and married once they reached adulthood and had three children. Created a Kingdom together and once their children were getting older, Chawo offered both of his sons two golden balls that were captured by him from the sky, Chawo told his sons that one of them hold the Ball of Color, one of them could be the King of Life, Chawigold's ball transformed into from gold to ice and the ice melted into the Ball of Color. Years later, Chawo passed his Kingdom to Chawigold and he and wife, Chawa, went away to live with the Stars. Leaving Chawigold the divine ruler of the Universe.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Chawo can turns things into other things, when Chawo reached to the sky to get two stars, they turned into Golden Balls as he grabs them and hands them to his sons.

Personality Edit

Chawo was a wise ruler, he taught his children to respect life and creation of the universe, however, it is believed the Universe created itself and then created the Gods of Chawalliankalita, the belief that the Universe is god is a Pandeist thought.

Family and Sexuality Edit

Chawo and Chawa were the only two Individuals in the Universe, thereby they have to perform Incest to create offspring, they did successfully with having three children, Chawasina, Chawo's daughter was supposed tobe Chawigold's wife, but falls in love with Chawistar instead because Chawigold was Asexual.