In Chawalliankalitan Mythology, Chawistar is the God and King of Death. Chawistar is a Villainous and Jealous Deity attempting to destroy his brother's creation in order to win back his brother's attention, love, and infection, believing that his brother loves the Ball of Color more than him.

Story Edit

Chawistar was born in Heaven, to Chawo and Chawa, he has two siblings, Chawigold and Chawosina. Chawo saw his sons as worthy of succession, Chawo gave both Chawigold and Chawistar two golden balls and told both of them that one of the balls contains something special, the Ball of Color. Chawigold received the Ball of Color, while Chawistar received the Ball of Fire, unsatisfied, Chawigold became the heir of Chawo, while Chawistar managed the Solar System. Chawistar was angry that Chawigold was paying less attention to Chawistar and attempted to destroy the Ball of Color, Chawigold stopped him and banished to the Ball of Color to lock him up, but backfired when Chawistar started to use his powers and abilities to curse the Ball of Color with Death and Disease, making Chawistar, the King of Death. Making him a Villainous God.

Personality Edit

Chawistar is a jealous individual and demands higher class attention, he would cause destruction to achieve this, as he became God of Death, he received by spreading death, disease, and fear.