1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxThe Chawalliankalitans, or the Egalitarian Party, which the word "Chaw" means "Equal", the Chawosaurians have dissolved the party due to the rise of Chawosaurianism and Timothy Max Roosevelt in the beginning 20th Century, the Chawalliankalitans were very religious and theocratic and very Liberal and Progressive in the timing.

They supported Equality for everybody and on behalf of Chawigold, their god, who said the commandment is to treat all individuals equally as they are part of the Ball of Color (Earth), The Chawosaurians became more Far-Right at the end of this party's existence, and the rise of a new era of politics began to Haunt Chawosauria from Timothy Max Roosevelt to after his death.

History Edit

The Chawalliankalitans didn't called their political party "political party", it was the only politics in Chawosauria's History that was established by religion, and the teachings of the Chawosaurian Book of Faith became the center of the party, which preaches Equality between Believers and Non-Believers, the Condemnation and Damnation against Ignorance and prejudice, the duties required by the Head to Head God of Chawosauria, Chawigold, and also, the Chawalliankalitans became so Liberal on Human Immunity and Harmony.

Foundation and Principles Edit

The Party was founded on Egalitarianism, Progressivism, Liberalism and Religion, Religion became the dominate center of the Chawalliankalitans and their Politics, and were very revolutionary, the Chawalliankalitan Monarchs were theocrats, but a smaller minority of them, were Violent, Emperor, Waronardo was violent, but he created the "Waronardo Administration", enforced by 25 Monarchs after his death, making it the longest and largest Monarch Administrative Era in Chawosaurian History, with the most Monarchs, the Waronardo Doctrine had influenced most Chawosaurian Monarchs, like Johnathan Saint Montgomery and Abooksigun Eluwilussit, and they have a huge impact on Chawosauria's History, Samantha Wawetseka did not enforced the doctrine, nor did Timothy Max Roosevelt, Jonathan Santiago enforced parts of it when he was Monarch, and Timothy Max Roosevelt ii wanted to reverse the Doctrine, arguing it expands space violations way too much.

Ideology and Politics Edit

The Party was an Egalitarian, Progressive, Religious and Liberal Party, the only party in Chawosauria that is Religious.

Dissolution and Legacy Edit

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