Chawalliankalitanism is a religion originally worshipped by the Chawosaurians back in the time of the Chawosaurian Golden Age. With Chawosauria transitioned to Atheism in the mid-1890s, Chawosaurians was succeeded by some Posthumans and others of the Chawo Peoples as the followers of this religion.

The religion usually holds Social liberal positions in society and culture, during the later era of the Chawalliankalitans, it began to hold some conservative views on other religions, including Christianity, the religion used to teach that Christianity was a sin, one of the big origins of Chawosauria's hatred of Christianity.

The religion was founded by Chawalliankalita, the first emperor to reign Chawosauria. The religion became a powerful force because of Chawbalitan. The religion has dominated Chawosaurian Society until the mid-1890s.

Regarding sin and death, sinners are confronted with eternal oblivion, while saints or non-sinners observe life after death.