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Chawalliankalita or Emperor, Chawalliankalita, (2690-2552 BCE) is a fictional character, the first Chawosaurian Monarch, the founder of Chawalliankalitanism, and is said to be the founder of Chawosauria and their Ancestry.

Chawalliankalita is said to be the founder of the Chawosaurian People, the messenger and is said to be the father of Chawosaurian Blood, Ancestry, Ethnicity, and Heritage, and Religion, which not being worshiped anymore. He started a religious movement, the Chawalliankalitan Manifesto, a Progressive and Liberal religious doctrine that lasted from Chawalliankalita's Monarchy to World War 1.

As Chawalliankalitan Ruler, he ruled from 2580 to his death in 2552 BCE, he established a Theocracy based on Social Justice, Progressivism and Environmentalism, and became the advocate for Peace, his legacy today is that he founded the Chawosaurian People despite his ideology is being ignored.

Chawalliankalita back in the Chawosaurian Golden Age was widely considered a Demigod, half god and man, he was an inspiration to Chawosaurians.

Background Edit

The Birthday of Chawalliankalitan is currently complex in the Chawosaurian Fiction, the Complexity of Chawalliankalita was that no Chawosaurian know where he's from, how old was he, there would be suggestions that Chawalliankalita was born in the Bronze Age.

Complex Origin Edit

Chawalliankalita may have been born in Bronze Europe, Ancient Chawosaurian Documents described him as "Bearded", wearing fur pelts, and personality as wise.

Chawigold's Son? Edit

Chawigold is the head god of the Chawalliankalitan deities. Many Chawosaurians consider Chawalliankalita not at all because of Atheist dominance over Chawosaurian Society since the First Brutal War. The Chawalliankalitans believed Chawigold was the father of Chawalliankalita and Chawosina was the mother. It would be possible because Chawalliankalita lived 138 years, which Chawosaurians today normally lived up to 130, but Chawosaurians rarely live up to 138.