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Chaska Apisi Dakota (b. January 23, 1990) is the grandson of Abooksigun Eluwilussit and the stepbrother of Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII and the son of Chatan Dakota, Chaska Dakota came from North Dakota and came from a Conservative Family, but he became a member of the Democratic Party after becoming Political Active in his teens.

On December 26, 2016, a new question about the Birth of Chaska Dakota became known to the Chawosaurian Public

Early Life Edit

Chaska Apisi Dakota was born on January 23, 1990, in Napoleon, North Dakota. Raised in a very Conservative Presbyterian Family, his mother died when he was 10 years old, his father remarried and became the Stepson of Wawetseka Sequoia MacKenzie and divorced in 2004, but his father was unable to take care of things and fell under the custody of his stepmother and stepfather. His step-siblings, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, Jacqueline Montgomery, Jacqueline MacKenzie, Johnathan MacKenzie II, Rutherford MacKenzie, Rosemary MacKenzie have all accepted his presents.