Charlotte Molly Bismarck (b. February 24, 1971) is the Daughter of Dragomir Bismarck and Victoria Schwartz, the Wife of Cosgrove Roosevelt, and the Mother of Cosgrove Roosevelt II.

She was the Princess of Chawosauria from 1987 to her father-in-law's death in 2011.

Biography Edit

Charlotte Bismarck was born on February 24, 1971, in New York City, to a Jewish Family, in 1987, she married Cosgrove Roosevelt, and in 1990, she stayed in Tokyo, she gave birth to a son, Cosgrove W. Roosevelt II, a Japanese Doctor told her in English not to have more Children again because of her health.

Role in the Bismarck Family Edit

In Childhood, she was described by her siblings, particular her Brother, Jonathan Bismarck, as quiet, calm, isolationist, and not much outgoing. Her father say she was not easy to distract when doing an important task, her grades were good, and she earned the respect from her priors.

When marrying Cosgrove, her father didn't trust Cosgrove and refused to allow her to marry her, until negotiating with her father in a deal, her father finally accepted the marriage, Charlotte had a way of persuading people in her favor, she marries at the age of 16 under Parental Approval, and finally lived on her own for the first time in her life with Cosgrove.

Cosgrove W. Roosevelt II Edit

Charlotte was 18 when Cosgrove was born in Tokyo and was probably even younger when she married his father, however, to Charlotte, Cosgrove is very enjoyable, she wished she named her son "Cosgrove Logan Roosevelt", but decides to deal with Cosgrove Wesley Roosevelt.

Charlotte is Cosgrove's cheerleading supporter, from events to politics evenly, her father is a Chawosaurian Politician. Charlotte wanted her son to be more Independent, supporting her son at all costs, decision, and she is very loyal to her son. Cosgrove's response to his mother's love is very simple, loves her dearly.