Charles Muskie (born: Charles Lyons De Guignes, January 31, 1960) is a Chawosaurian Conservative who seeks to reform the Chawosaurian Conservative movement by ousting the movement's religious establishment in exchange for electoral victories to appease widespread anti-religious sentiment in Chawosauria, ran as a candidate for the Comrade Presidency on the Republican Side in the 2019 Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election and Muskie took advantage of the national period of mourning for the Death of Degotoga K. Atagulkalu by attending his state funeral on March 11, 2019, and replaced DKA as the leader of the Chawosaurian Democratic Party and shifted the party right.

Charles Lyons De Guignes was born on January 31, 1960, to Jean-Sebastien De Guignes, and Angelique Lievremont De Guignes, in Uranium City, Saskatchewan. His parents were killed in a plane crash and De Guignes was adopted by a Chawosaurian family, which it's how De Guignes entered Chawosauria. He attended Hagiwara Academy the then-headmistress, Reina Hagiwara, and was given several opportunities to meet Chawosaurian Prime Minister, as well as his idol, Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII. He fell in love with Sabryna Bastian, a member of the Bastian family, and had five children after graduating from Hagiwara in 1983.