"My cousin Garfield abandoned me, he sacrificed our friendship as cousins in exchange for power, wealth, and a desire to become a favorite to other aristocrats like Theodore McClellan, Malcolm Wilson, and their rich families"
—Charlus Draco "Charles" Webster criticizing his cousin Garfield Lucas Webster Sr.
Charlus Draco "Charles" Webster (January 31, 1860-June 23, 1965) was an Englishman who was the first cousin of Garfield Lucas Webster, the former Prime Minister of Chawosauria, and a member of the Webster family

Charles Webster was known for his early friendship with Garfield Webster before 1874 until Garfield Webster fell in love with a first class lifestyle by doing so well in school that he earned a scholarship to the University of Oxford, and gain political power in Chawosauria, while Charles becomes a member of the Blue Collar working class, this led to a strained relationship between Garfield and Charles Webster when Garfield replaced Charles with two wealthy men, Theodore McClellan, and Malcolm Wilson.  

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