In American Politics, a Southern Democrat is an American Southerner rather lives or doesn't live but were born in the Southern Region of the United States, are people who vote for the U.S. Democratic Party or sides with the U.S. Democratic Party.

History Edit

The Southern Democrats in the South, which the whole Democratic Party was born in the South, became the party of Racism, Populism, and Social Conservatism. At the time before the American Civil War, the Democrats were pro-slavery, leading to the South supportive of the Democrats, but after the American Civil War, the Democrats, who still have the south, were allowed to win elections down south by the Republicans and were allowed to abuse newly inaugurated African American Citizens of the United States. However, since Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidency, Democrats were becoming more tolerant for African-Americans, the 1960s was when the Democrats became so very tolerant for African Americans that the majority of Democrats, who were the ruling party of the United States at the time of the 60s, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and more, were passed by Democrats despite opposition from the Southern Democrats.

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