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In the United States, most American Civilians view their 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, as a Corrupt Political Incumbent (still in office).

In World Politics, Political Corruption is Politics that is Criminal, Dishonest, Scandal Plagued, or nasty in some ways. Hypocrisy plays a role in Corruption, for example, in the United States, President Trump and his GOP Elites are plagued by Hypocrisy when they're in power. Trump ran a Populist Campaign but governs an Elitist Presidency in the end.

List of Political Corruption Types

  • Bribery- the most serious type of corruption. Bribery is when an entity is giving money or any forms of goods to another entity as an exchange for something that is morally or ethically wrong.
  • Kleptocracy- another serious corruption type. Kleptocracy is when an institution is being controlled by thieves or other criminals.
  • Electoral Fraud- Electoral Fraud is when a Politician or another entity is elected under a secretly sabotaged electoral process for power in that political candidate's favor.

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