A Pervert is a person who is Sexually Unstable mentally, for example, Child Molesters (Pedophiles) are Perverts because they wanted Sex from children, which Almost All Human Societies consider that as Perversion. Sexual Assault (Rape) is another category of Sexual Perversion because Rape is when a person has sex with another person against that person's consent or forcibly having sex with someone or forcing someone to have sex with him or herself. All nations have laws confronting Sexual Paraphilia, but are often different, in the middle east, there are laws against perversion including middle eastern laws consider Homosexuals, Adulterers, and anyone committed Fornication as Perverts and are persecuted.

Incest is another category of Sexual Perversion, Incest is when a person engages in Sexual Activity with someone genetically related in his or her family, in other words, Incest is when a person has sex with another family member, but sex with cousins is a debate.

List of Sexual Paraphilias Edit

Most Severe or Even More Weirder Edit

  • Bestiality- Attraction and Sex to Animals.
  • Pedophilia- Attraction and Sex to Children.
  • Incest- Attraction and Sex to other Family Members.
  • Rape- Sex in a Forceful and Violent Manner.
  • Necrophilia- Attraction and Sex to the Deceased.

Sexual Identities that were once categorized as Perversion or Sexual Identities that are up for debate on rather or not is Perversion Edit

  • Homosexuality- until 1790 to present. An Overwhelming Majority of Countries of the World Allow Homosexuality except for the Middle East and some parts of Africa. Alot of Nations in the Western World passed laws requiring Homosexuals to be treated with Respect as others, alot of nations enacted laws banning Discrimination against Homosexuals, Most Nations in the Americas and Western Europe legalized Same-sex marriage from 2001 to present.
  • Miscegenation- until probably the 20th Century. Miscegenation is Attraction and Sex and even Marriage between people of opposite races. In the United States, Interracial Marriage and Sex was legalized through the U.S. Supreme Court, Loving v. Virginia, in 1967.
  • Cousin-Cousin Sexuality- (unknown time-present). Cousin-Cousin Sexuality, Cousin Marriage, etc, is seen as "Incestuous", but not through law, alot of Countries allow Cousin Marriage, including Sex, most Countries don't regulate Cousin-Cousin Sex. Incest is categorised as "Perversion", but not by law, Cousin Marriage in the present day is very rare, but can be exposed in the History Books.

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