The Christian Fundamentalist, Westboro Baptist Church is widely known to Severely and Fiercely campaign in favor of Hatred and Death of Homosexuals.

"Christian Fundamentalism is just as a grave threat as Islamic Fundamentalism, but American Conservatives are too ignorant to realize the lack of innocence Christianity has when it comes to religious extremism. The only cure for this disease Religious Fundamentalism of any kind is, is an education"
—Garrett Bailey
Terrorist Attack on Planned Parenthood

A Screenshot of CNN (Cable News Network) reporting the Colorado Springs, Colorado Planned Parenthood being terrorized violently by a Christian Fundamentalist due to his opposition to Abortion. Christian Fundamentalists are terrorists to harm Abortion Clinics, Gay Clubs, and anything they view as sinful.

Christian Fundamentalism is the ideology of when a person who is Extremely or Severely affiliated with the Religion of Christianity in a Narcissistic or Terrorist Manner. In other words, Christian Fundamentalists Narcissistically believe that Christianity is Humanity's true religion while other religions are in their eyes "False" and or "Misleading" for a "Civilized Society". Christian Fundamentalism is sometimes linked with Conservatism rather it is in the United States or anywhere else in the Western Civilizations.

Christian Fundamentalists would take severe action towards a society that doesn't believe like them, for example, Christian Fundamentalists strongly oppose a Non-Christian or Religious-Neutral Government, with that, it is believed that Christian Fundamentalists would rage war on an either Non-Christian Society or a Liberal or Secular Society under a Liberal or Secular Government, fighting against Government Regulations such as LGBT Rights (Gay Rights), and a Separation of Church-State. Christian Fundamentalists would also oppose Individual Freedom such as Abortion Rights, Sexual Freedom including Premarital Sex, Homosexuality, and Pornography, in the Western Civilizations, there are no Government Regulations confronting Homosexuality, Premarital Sex, or Pornography, Christian Fundamentalists strongly advocate for such regulations from the Government.

Notable Christian terrorist groups in the United States are the Ku-Klux-Klan, the Army of God, and in some cases, the Racist "Christian Identity Movement".

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