In Chawosaurian Politics, the Catch-All Strategy or the Big Tent Strategy or Big Tent Rhetoric is a Populist Rhetoric Strategy on which a Chawosaurian Politician who runs a Populist campaign that on which based on the issues that are Popular among a specific Chawosaurian Constituency in a Dog Whistle manner, always runs against the Establishment by rallying up all people regardless of their Political Beliefs. The Creator and first person to use the Catch-All Strategy was Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, in 2007, JSM used the Catch-All Strategy to rally up voters targeting the U.S. Constitutional Establishment, targeting the Electoral College, Representative Democracy, and America's foreign policy since World War 2. Many doubted the Catch-All Strategy would be successful, but Montgomery's Unanimous Election in 2007 proved the critics wrong, and it will anyway succeed again in 2017.

Definition Edit

The Catch-All Strategy is a Populist Rhetoric and Strategy that a Chawosaurian Politician campaigns on interests and issues that are popular among a Chawosaurian Constituency with the use of Dog Whistle Politics.