Cassandra Eliza "Aunt Cassidy" Bismarck Schwartz (July 26, 1857-June 26, 1965) was a Chawosaurian Socialite. The Spouse of Frederick W. Schwartz.

Born to a Wealthy Family, she became interested in marrying someday a Rich Man for greed, a Gold Digger, a Spoiled Brat by lots of people including her own family, because she was, her nephew, Wolfgang, and great nephew, Dragomir, have despised her. In the Book: Bismarck's German Castle II: Billion Dollar Gold, Cassandra's husband died in 1945 and her wealth was declining, she moved to New York by following her great-nephew and trying to take advantage of her deceased nephew's son, but she failed to do so and moved to her mother's birthland, Tasmania, which she didn't like, and died alone in 1965.