In Chawosauria, the Bzovsky family is a Ukrainian political family that resides in Eastern Europe. The family's founder and patriarch was Leonid Ivan Bzovsky, the seventh Prime Minister of Chawosauria from January 1, 1980, to December 31, 1989. The Bzovsky family reside mostly in Ukraine. Prominent members are ancestors, Walerian Bzovsky, and living members, Eddie Bzovsky, Leonid Ivan Bzovsky II, Gosia Ania Bzovsky, and Leo Bzovsky.

The beginning of this family is unknown, they started out of the Russian Empire from Ukraine, and lived as peasants under the Russian Tsar.

Family History Edit

The Bzovskys currently started before Leonid Ivan Bzovsky was born, before 1940, Leonid's birth year. It is unclear when the Bzovsky family was founded. The Bzovskys started out as peasant farmers from Ukraine, and lived in Ukraine for generations.