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Bratomill (Captain Brato) Bismarck (January 1, 1000-December 25, 1093) was a Viking Captain who had Communicated with the Chawalliankalitans, befriended with Chawalliankalitan Emperor, Maronardo. He served the country of Sweden, served for the Vikings after the death of his father. He had a pet Lion, a loyal lion.

The Ancestor of Jonathan Bismarck, the most honorable captain, the most honorable ancestor in the Bismarck Family, his ambition as a Viking brought Pride in the Bismarck Family today. But his Ambition was far worse as a Viking, a Killer of Children, a Rapist of Women, a Slave Master, a Cruel Man with a Cruel Name, "Brato" or "Brute", or "Brato the Brute" or "Brutal Brato".

His Commanding Skills led to countless of millions of deaths, including huge famines, genocides, and starvations among his military men.

Early Life Edit

Born to Peasant Parents on January 1, 1000, CE in Malmo, Sweden. His skills was based on fighting, as well as losing his father in a Viking Invasion in 1015 when Brato was 15. He joined the Vikings in 1016, married Elizabeth on the same year, but was a more a forced marriage.

Viking Trial Edit

Brato's years on the Sea began to ruthlessness, he watched as the Vikings attack innocent Civilians, to Brato, fun to watch, during the years of the Vikings in Sweden, he was very forceful, particular with his wife, he fought well in the Norwegian-Swedish War, and also himself killed Civilians. In 1026, Brato's mother died. In 1020 before his mother's death, Brato had a son named Dionysus Bismarck, against his wife's will of course.

Chawalliankalitans Edit

The Vikings have attacked the Chawalliankalitans in 1000, Brato met with Maronardo, Maronardo became friends with Brato.