The Bolesław family (also referred to as The Bolesław Dynastia, anglicized as the Boleslaw Family or simply the Bolesians) are a Polish-Czech aristocratic family in Chawosauria who lives in the United States, Europe, Russia, Australia, and possibly Canada. Their bloodline traces back to Poland and Bohemia, sometime in the Early Middle Ages by Salazar Boleslaw. The Boleslaws are demographically, Slavic by ethnicity, Orthodox Christian by religion, and nationality varied.

It is unknown how the family was brought into prominence into Chawosauria, Walerian I. Boleslaw, Valdemar O. Boleslaw, and Hrothgar Boleslaw played major roles in bringing the family to Chawosauria fame. The Boleslaws have not yet capture the positions of Chawosaurian Politics include the Prime Minister's office, the Supreme Leader's office, but they have captured seats in the Chawopolis Palace and the Chawosaurian European Parliament.

Like the Bismarck family, their biggest enemy, the Boleslaws are also the most despised for the fact that they have power and influence, as well as wealth, also the largest family, and also the fact that they also perform cousin marriages and inbreeding, they're white supremacists, but even if there were antisemites in the family, this family has a large Jewish faction than that of the Bismarck family.


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