Interracial Family

An Interracial family is an example of "blood-mixing". Chawosaurians call interracial families "Blood-Mixed Families" in both a positive and negative way.

In Chawosaurian English, the term Blood-Mixing means Intermarriage, the producing of offspring, and sexual relations between a couple outside their race, ethnicity, religion, and nationality. The term Blood-Mixing does not always mean in a bad way, many Chawosaurians who are in favor of, or just tolerant of interracial families use the term Blood-Mixing but not meaning it in an insulting way.  

The term Blood-Mixer is a person who has sexual relations with individuals not from that person's race, but Blood-Mixing does not always involve race, it also involves religion, ethnicity, and nationality.  

Blood-Mixing is also referred to as Race-Mixing, Religion-Mixing, or Ethnic-Mixing. Blood-Mixing can also apply to a couple who speaks different languages.